Scenes From...

Gone - Susanne.  For the full "short" see below.

Coronation Street - Miss Finn

EastEnders - Hayley Magee

My Hero - Wendy Williams

Emmerdale - Penny Lavender

Coronation Street - Parachute Instructor

Heartbeat - Rachel Osborne

Grace & Favour - Miss Lovelock

Short Films...


With Friends Like These




Last Of The Red Hot Lovers - Dress rehearsal footage, Courtesy of Esk Valley Theatre and Rory Gault

"Elaine Navazio" (Ultimatum clip)

"Elaine Navazio" (Exit clip)

"Bobbi Michelle" (Pot paranoia clip)

"Bobbi Michelle" (Phone call clip)

Legacy Falls 
Rehearsals - Courtesy of Ras Conrad

Opening Titles


- with Mark Inscoe and the company

"Somebody's Gonna Get Killed"

- with Aimie Atkinson and Tara Hugo

Sleeping Beauty - "Carabose" 
Courtesy of 
Pantoni Pantomimes